Welcome to your first Senior Activity!

We are excited to highlight you and your personality through our lenses. Each Senior will have two portrait sessions, a formal studio portrait and a casual portrait. These will be published in the Maclay Yearbook. Formal Sessions will be scheduled by Mrs. Mayer (dmayer@maclay.org) and will be held at the school May 25-27.
For casual sessions, there are three options. Each of the prices listed below includes the cost of the formal studio session held at Maclay.

– Basic Session ($75) In this session your casual images will be captured immediately following your formal session at Maclay. Bring your casual outfit to your formal session. Payment for this session is to be paid at your formal appointment.

– Deluxe Session ($125) In this session your casual images will be captured in another session at the local location of your choice and includes unlimited outfit changes. Bring props as desired. These sessions last about an hour.

– Premier Session (starts at $175) and is primarily used for travel destinations or splitting your casuals into another studio session as well as outdoor session. This allows for unlimited outfit changes, horses, cars, etc. This is the session choice for beaches, family farms, etc.